This Year At SpeechTEK 2014

SpeechUsability continues its presence at SpeechTEK with Susan Hura co-chairing the 2014 conference.

We’re also presenting…we hope we’ll see you there!

Monday 18 August

  • Panel: Evolution or Revolution?  Moderator: Susan Hura. We are in the midst of rapid change in the speech industry, but is this a true paradigm shift or an adjustment to the status quo? Join us as panelists explore how changes to companies in the speech market, as well as new opportunities in wearables, home automation and entertainment, automotive, and mobile will affect future opportunities in speech technologies.
  • Panel: Personalization, Privacy, and the Creepy Factor. Moderator: Jenni McKienzie. Personalization allows us to offer customers a more relevant interaction by utilizing the vast amount of information organizations have about them. Designers often limit the use of personal data for fear of triggering users’ concerns about Big Brother, but are we unnecessarily restricting design creativity? Attend this panel for an exploration of the circumstances when customers are creeped out by technology and what it knows about them and finding the line between creepy and cool.
  • Panel: The Importance of Voice in the Multichannel Experience. Moderator: Jenni McKienzie. Multichannel user experience has been a hot topic for a number of years, but integrating voice user interfaces in multichannel and cross-channel customer journeys remains a persistent challenge. Join panelists in this session as they analyze where voice brings the most value in multichannel interactions, discuss best practices for creating optimal voice user experiences, and share their experiences to help you design great multi- and cross-channel user experiences.
  • Lightning Session: Speech Transforms Healthcare. Moderator: Susan Hura. Speech technologies are playing an increasingly important role in healthcare delivery, monitoring, and communications. Attend this unique session to hear a series of 6 minute lightning talks on how speech is playing a part in transforming today’s complex, inefficient healthcare into a better system for both patients and providers.

Wednesday 20 August

  • Panel: Speech Technology in Pop Culture From HAL to Her. Moderator: Susan Hura. Perception of speech technology has been shaped by its portrayal in movies, books, and television for decades. Until recently, the average American likely had more exposure to speech technology via the media than through direct personal experience. From the malevolent HAL to the charming intelligence in Her, pop culture has had dramatic effects on the impressions, expectations, and adoption of speech technology. Join us for a look back—and forward—at the impact of pop culture on the speech industry.
  • Presentation: Cross-Pollination: Creating Great Multimodal Experiences. For years there has been a divide in the design community between visual designers working on websites and software and voice interaction designers working with speech technologies. Today’s proliferation of multimodal applications and devices is forcing these separate design practices together. Neither visual nor voice designers possess all the expertise needed to create seamless, intuitive, and engaging multimodal interactions. This presentation provides a framework for bridging the gap between visual and voice designers with the goal of cooperatively creating compelling user experiences.

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