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What We Do

Voice User Interface Design

Voice User Interface Design

SpeechUsability discovers what your users need and designs your speech solution to give it to them. We take the time to understand who calls your organization, what problems they’re trying to solve, and their state of mind when they call.

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User Experience Evaluation & Testing

User Experience Evaluation & Testing

Have an IVR solution already in place? Objective measures like usage statistics and recognition performance tell only part of the IVR performance story. User experience evaluation and testing tells you whether your IVR is helping – or hurting – your customers’ experience.

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Speech & Self-Service Strategy

Speech & Self-Service Strategy

SpeechUsability cuts through the marketing hype and helps you choose technology that will serve you and your customers. Let us help you with technology and vendor selection, formulating RFPs that clearly communicate your needs, and making sense of vendor responses.

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Our Work

Happy Clients

“SpeechUsability has conducted multiple usability studies focused on our automotive speech solutions.   The strengths and weaknesses of our overall HMI design were evaluated and documented in a highly professional manner.  The recommend improvements were promptly implemented and proved to be of benefit upon subsequent testing.”

Tom Schalk, VP of Voice Technology, Sirius XM

“I got to know Susan when we collaborated on a presentation for the IxDA14 conference. Susan immediately impressed me with her wealthy of voice user interface knowledge and passion to share methods and techniques with the community. She brought clarity to key fundamental concepts and highlighted common best practices. I look forward to working with Susan again. I happily recommend Susan as an industry expert in speech and a passionate thought leader.”

Stephen Gay, Intuit

“Susan is more than just an expert in her field; she is passionate, enthusiastic and committed and it shows in everything she does. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Susan for any VUI project large or small and would love to work with her again.”

Adam Markowitz, Contact Solutions, Inc.

Meet The Team

Jenni McKienzie

Jenni McKienzie

Voice User Interface Designer
Jenni McKienzie is an accomplished voice user interface designer with over 15 years in the speech technology industry.
Dr. Susan L. Hura

Dr. Susan L. Hura

Founder and Principal Consultant
Dr. Susan L. Hura is an accomplished user experience expert, speaker, chairperson, and a former professor.


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